Textbox Section


    I hereby request and consent to the performance of massage therapy and/or yoga instruction (both to be referred to as bodywork from here on out) by the Kinetic Guidance therapist named below. Massage in general provides stress reduction and relief from pain and increases circulation and energy flow. I understand that the therapist does not diagnose illness or disease, perform spinal manipulation, nor do they prescribe medical treatment. I am aware that therapeutic bodywork is not a substitute for medical examination and I will seek professional medical care for those services. I accept that massage has limitations and agree to do my part to help increase my well being and work with the therapist to achieve the optimal results.

    The therapist must be aware of all health conditions due to certain contraindications for bodywork. I have disclosed all such conditions and will update any changes to my health in future sessions.

    If at any time the client or therapist feels uncomfortable for any reason, they shall immediately say so and either party has the right to terminate the session at any time throughout.

    Sessions must be cancelled with 24 hours notice to avoid the 50% late fee.

    All information will be kept strictly confidential and will remain with Kinetic guidance therapeutics.

    I have read and agree with the above information. If I have any questions I will refer to my therapist.