Master class:Tarot, Herbs and Anatomy of the body and Minor Arcana Dec. 1st, 8th and 15th 2022

This is a master class for those of you who have been through our 18 week tarot program, or have equivalent experience (call for details)

In this course we will correspond 4 systems of the body to the minor arcana cards. We will examine how we can use the tarot in connections with various systems of the body to enhance health and connection to the body and tarot.

In this class we will look at herbs, practices, foods, meditations and breathwork for each of the suits and its corresponding system.

Cups- circulatory system

Pentacles- Skeletal


Wands- Digestive

This is a 3 week course
Dec 1st 8th and 15th
7-8:30 pm
$99 early bird (Sign up before Nov. 8th)
No refunds, 50% can be used toward other classes