Making your own herbal medicine chest with Samantha
5-week (10 hour) series

Learn to make 12 kinds of herbal remedies and about 15 herbs in-depth studying its growth patterns, pharmacology, uses and folklore. This is a great way start connect deeply with herbs while leaning to make your own medicines and formulas. Can take entire series or just one class. See prices below
Classes are 2 hours,Saturdays 10-12PM

1. Introduction, terminology, supplies/equipment
• Syllabus
• Equipment tutorial
• Vocabulary
• Pharmacology

• Herbs you will study

2. Infusions, Decoctions, Compress and Poultice
• Overview of class, supplies and herbs needed
• Materia medica (specifics about the herbs used)
• Cold and hot water infusions and decoctions
• Compress
• Poultice and facial masks

3. Syrups and honeys
• Overview of class, supplies and herbs needed
• Materia medica
• Honey
• Syrup

4. Tinctures
• Overview of class, supplies and herbs needed
• How to calculate for fresh and dry tinctures and simplers’ method
• Fresh herb tincture
• Dry herb tincture
• Glycerines

5. Oils and salves
• Overview of class supplies and herbs needed
• Short and long technique
• Oils
• Salve

Sundays 3-5 PM
$175  for the entire course (sliding scale and scholarships available) $40 for individual course non-refundable
Must have access to computer and internet.
Register online or call 512-599-4800 and we can help