Palmistry Fundamentals with Sister Palm (three week series starts 6/16/2022)

Miriam of Sister Palm has been studying the art of hand analysis for over a decade, researching different methods of hand reading from all over the world. She reads for clients privately in Austin, TX and online worldwide.

The Fundamentals of Palmistry will provide you with everything you need to start interpreting the hands for yourself and others over a three-week series. Incorporating concepts of astrology and physiognomy to provide the participant with a well-rounded foundation for hand reading.

” It is truly amazing that every mark on our bodies actually marks a bit of information about ourselves and our genetic constitution. Just as the Botanist studies the bark of a tree for information, so can the Palmist look into the hands to gain information about the person attached. ”

*Sister Palm’s Magnificent Palmistry Zine included with class sign up.


$175 non refundable tuition, includes class materials

Online or in person (10 in persons spots available we have a few left)