The Sacred Conversation: Transcending Traditional Tarot Spreads Sept. 14th

Learn to read tarot “outside of the box” of the traditional tarot spread! Angeliska of Sister Temperance Tarot has been working professionally as a tarot reader since 1999, and studying the cards since she inherited her first deck from her mother at age 11. Over the years, her practice has evolved organically away from utilizing constricting and limiting card placements. The spread she uses (known as the Golden Dawn, or Romany Spread) began to flow in a different way, allowing more freedom for channeling information from the aether to come through. This is the sacred conversation that takes place between the cards, the reader, and the querent, and Source. This is a rare and special opportunity to learn a new way of working with the tarot (whether for yourself, or with others) with a trusted and experienced reader. All levels welcome – even if you’re a novice to the tarot, you will come away from this class with a deeper understanding and relationship to the cards.

Please bring a deck (Rider-Waite / Pamela Coleman Smith or similar preferred for this class), and cushion (or whatever you might need to be comfortable) for sitting on the floor. Some practice decks will be provided.

Ticket link will be added here soon! You will be registered for this class only after you have paid ($55 non-refundable) in advance via online booking or call 512-599-4800

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