On Site Massage Chair

Ace of Cups Community Wellness Center in office chair massage service provides your workers with high quality chair massage by licensed and insured massage therapists to boost the morale of your office and give your team relief from working at a computer. The massage therapists will come to your office set up the chair and begin doing 15-30 minute massages for your staff. The service can be once a month or a one-time treat for the office

Benefits of chair massage in the workplace:

Reduces stress by 85%
Decreases anxiety by 26%
Relieves muscle tension and pain caused by sitting or standing and working long hours at a desk
Improves quality of sleep
Improves workers efficiency and production
Relieves stress and structural headaches
Lowers blood pressure
Prevents repetitive strain injuries
Helps your team feel supported by the management
Relieves symptoms and prevents carpal tunnel syndrome
Increases focus, mental clarity and energy
Boosts the morale of your team