Language of Tarot: Major Arcana Starts June 10th-july 29 2023 11-1pm

In this class we will take a trip into the major arcana cards, tell stories, examine symbols, have conversations and discover how we can use the characters in the Tarot as allies. We will study numerology, symbolism, herbs, story telling, spreads and becoming familiar with each card in the major arcana (fool through world card, 22 cards). This is one class series of four that are part of our tarot certificate program and prerequisites for our tarot master classes.
There are no prerequisites to this class.
All are welcome.

$175 for the 5 week series

Dates for this class are June 10,  June 17, June 24, July 22, July 29

Due to limited space we recommend you preregister, there are no refunds.

Class will be in person