What Service Do I Choose?

Do you need to relax, refresh, release stress and renew?

Choose from our Swedish massage, Blissful relaxation with hot stone or one of our 60 min. facials which include neck, head, scalp, arm, and hand massage. Our 30 min.  neck, head and crown massage or soul to sole foot massage are also great stress relievers when you do not have a full hour to spare.

Need all of the above, a bit deeper but not quite deep tissue and something to relieve those pesky knots?

This is a good time to choose the Ace of Cups Advanced Therapist sessions which incorporate a variety of modalities with a bit more focus on therapeutic effect. We offer these in 45 min, 60, 75, 90 and 120 min Deluxe session.


Like a good old fashioned deep tissue massage?

Choose our Deep Tissue Massage offered in a variety of lengths and maybe consider adding cupping to the session.


Feel like it is never deep enough? We have the sessions for you!

Choose from our many specialized deep tissues sessions. These include Hurts So Good Deep Tissue, Ashiatsu Barefoot massage, Deep tissue Massage/Thai massage combo.


Like stretching incorporated with your massage to increase range of motion, release stuck areas and knots and improve function?

Choose Thai Massage or Shiatsu (done on a mat on the floor) or the Thai massage (done on a mat on the floor) or the table Thai or Ashiatsu with assisted stretching.

Need to get into a deep state within and release stuck patterns, energy and deeply relax and Love energy work?

Choose Reiki, Life force energy work  or Craniosacral therapy to assist you in achieving peace and well being.


Want to work on specific injuries, challenges or release postural patterns and trauma from the body?

Choose Clinical pain management, Advanced body work with Samantha, Lymphatic massage, Cupping therapy, abdominal work and shiatsu or Thai massage.


Feet hurt?

Choose the Soul to Sole is a targeted 30 min on just the feet and lower legs.


Need a targeted area worked on?

We have the 30 minute target area massage just for you.


Want to share an experience of massage with a loved one?

Our couples massages are done in the same room with two therapists and it is a lovely way to have a connection of massage and shared time together. We also offer private couples massage classes.


Need to release stagnant energy, tight areas or built up fluid?

Choose from our Swedish, advanced therapist massage, cupping enhanced massage or lymphatic massage sessions.






Myofascial trigger point release

This technique focuses on releasing tight bands of muscles that can form after injury or overuse, it is very effective for pain relief and increased range of motion. Excellent choice for those of you who love the deep and specific work. It is highly effective for correcting posture, old injury and assisting in injury recovery.


Cupping therapy

This technique is an ancient modality using suction to increase blood flow enhances circulation and provide pain management. It is a great addition to massage as it uses pulling instead of pushing to draw the fluids outward. Great choice to relive pain, stress, and create freedom of motion.


Craniosacral therapy

This is a gentle, subtle and profound modality uses hands-on techniques that focus on the wave-like rhythmic pulse that goes through the entire body, to bring the body into balance and relieve stress, tension, release trauma and create a sense of peace in the body. This is a good choice to work on deep healing, releasing trauma from the body and energetic clearing.


Ashiatsu barefoot massage

If you like deep massage and never feel it is quite deep enough, this is the service for you. Ashiatsu (foot pressure) is a barefoot massage technique. The therapist applies comfortably deep gliding pressure, compressions and stretches over your body. Bars installed securely overhead are used by the therapist during the massage session for balance and support. Ashiatsu compines gravitational force with centripetal and centrifugal movements. These techniques are used to create a structural change in chronically tight muscles and soft tissues. The effect of this is a deeper relaxation with “pain-free” gliding strokes that stimulates the release of knots and muscle tensions as well as lymphatic drainage, creating a full-body effect of optimal well being.Sweeping deep compressions are used to give you that “hurts so good!” feeling, but without the pain and release those stubborn tension areas. Choose this for that amazing deep work if you always feel you need it to be deeper.



Shiatsu massage is practiced on a futon mat on the floor with the client fully clothed in comfortable, loose-fitting or stretchy garments. The therapist uses stretching, finger, foot, knee, and palm pressure applied to various areas of the body’s surface to help correct imbalances, alleviate pain and postural dysfunctions, and bring balance to the body. Choose this to work out deep postural habits, reduce pain and increase range of motion.


Lymphatic drainage

This gentle technique works with the fluids in the body that interact with the lymphatic system. During this massage the therapist will work with the flow of the blood, lymph and interstitial fluids to reduce swelling, edema, scar tissue and support the circulatory, endocrine and immune systems. Performed by highly trained advanced therapists. Choose this to help get fluids moving, feel lighter and increase injury. Good option for post surgery if doctor gives clearance.


Reiki and massage

This session combines our therapeutic massage with the form of energy work known as Reiki.  This session helps to bring balance to your body and restore harmony. During the massage the therapist will also perform Reiki.  Reiki is done with a  non-invasive and  light touch.  The massage therapists hands are placed and held on a series of locations on the head and front and back of the torso. This is a great choice if you love energy work which helps you to feel in balance and also want some good old fashioned massage.