Mystic Offerings


Limpias by La Femme Mystica

Holding on to negative energy or just in a general state of discomfort? Ready to let go, improve your "luck," release and transform? Then, it may be time for a limpia. This is a Mexican practice of cleansing the energetic and spiritual body of negative and unwanted energies. During the session the practitioner will perform a ritual and guide you into a meditative and relaxing state.
The limpia begins with a discussion (platica) between you and the person performing the limpia. After that you lay on the massage table and a variety of cleansing techniques are used. The Cuarandera will use a variety of tools such as stones for energy balancing, a besam for the barrida (sweeping), herbs and, of course, an egg. After the service the egg will be placed in a glass and "read" by the person who did the limpia to give you insight they sensed during the session.

The benefits of this are infinite and include improved sleep, focus, improved memory, clarity, a heightened state of awareness, feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, renewed, lighter, more peaceful, and blissful.

30 min $60