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Why get a reading?

  • Gain clarity and a new perspective of a situation
  • Make challenging decisions
  • Examine career, relationships and ancestors
  • Identify areas in life that need improvement or nurturing
  • Move forward in the art of making a difficult decisions
  • Discover what is best to focus on in the present to be on your highest path
  • Help your relationships flourish and grow
  • Learn to trust your intuition
  • Connect the body, mind and soul to gain peace
  • Get to the heart of the matter and the underlying cause of recurring patterns in life and love


What to expect during a reading?

Have no fear. The divine intelligence behind the tarot is loving and offers guidance to help open the door to your inner self and explore the magic within. The cards can answer questions of career, conflict resolution, love, ancestral connections, help with choices and look at patterns that may need to change. Our readings are 30 min or one hour. We recommend one hour for your first reading. These readings dive in to the heart of the matter and take time. Each reader will have a different technique of reading the cards. During the reading you will sit together at a table. The reader may choose a spread or pull individual cards. You will be able to ask questions or just see what message the cards have for you. Sometimes the message will be hard but the cards will show you how to do the work and give you the tools to heal or move through challenging times. You may record the reading or take notes. Readings are always confidential.


What is the tarot program at Ace of Cups all about?

We offer a comprehensive 36 hour tarot interpretation class. See the current events & classes page for details.

 At Ace of Cups we believe that the tarot should be shared with all who choose to use it and become intimate with it. We offer an eighteen week course to start the seeker on their path or support ones who are already on it. Our classes not only teach tarot but seek to build a community of beings who interact with the world on all sides of the veil.

During the program we will examine the significance in color, numbers, elements, symbols, astrology, folklore,  plant lore, Hebrew letters, kabbalah, alchemy, directions, archetypes and more. In our classes we combine all of these to teach in a style that lets you let go of having to look up meanings of the cards in a book. We teach the language of the tarot and how to interpret it.

The first three classes teach the Major, Minor, Court and the last one is the synthesis of the classes and will cover the business, ethics, spreads, the anatomy of offering  readings. Please contact us with questions.  A tarot 101 course taught by Samantha as a  one on one class is a required prerequisite if you are new to tarot or just need a refresher.





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