Pictoral language of the Tarot and the Benefits

Tarot card readings provide a unique and mystical look into the subconscious helping us through the many stages and potential paths of life. The history of tarot is controversial, its origins a mystery, some say it originated as a game, some a secret code created by mystical sects, some say it was a tool of fortune telling used by witches and wandering people. One thing is for sure, the cards are adorned with symbolism that we all recognize as familiar, mythology that is the web of our culture, numerology, iconic characters, and mystical symbols that are embedded in our collective consciousness to help us explore our inner landscape. The cards won’t predict the future as free will exists and we have the power to affect the outcome but they can aid us on our journey of self-discovery and help us examine patterns that may be effecting our ability to move forward or experience our full potential.

What to expect during a reading:

Each reader has their own approach to interpreting the language of the tarot. During the reading you will sit together with the reader at a table. The reader will shuffle and cut the deck. They may use a spread or pull individual cards. You will be able to ask questions or just ask what you need to know at that time. During your reading you may record the sessions or take notes in your journal. The reading is confidential. Please reach out with any questions.




  • Gain clarity and a new perspective of a situation
  • Make challenging decisions
  • Examine career, relationships and ancestors
  • Identify areas in life that need improvement or nurturing
  • Move forward in the art of making a difficult decisions
  • Discover what is best to focus on in the present to be on your highest path
  • Help your relationships flourish and grow
  • Learn to trust your intuition
  • Connect the body, mind and soul to gain peace
  • Get to the heart of the matter and the underlying cause of recurring patterns in life and love

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