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Tarot card services and pricing

Tarot card reading

Explore your deeper subconscious, career choices, relationships with yourself and others and discover what is in store for you using the art of tarot cards. This form of divination helps us to access emotions, habits, and life paths we may have yet to explore, find areas that need improvement and move through the patterns that are keeping us stuck. The cards can help us to make difficult decisions and examine challenging situations and relationships. The cards can give us an objective view and new perspective to help us move forward in a way that brings us peace, inspiration and healing.

30 min. $50
60 min. $85

Introduction to the tarot cards class

This class gives you an overview of how to use the tarot cards in your daily life to access your deeper desires, talents and make choices that will assist you in realizing your dreams. In this class, we will cover major and minor arcana, the elements associated with the minor arcana, tools, numerology, mythology and basic spreads.
This class can be private or shared by up to 6 people.

90 min. $120

Remote tarot readings available through Video or audio

30 min. $40
60 min. $80

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