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New to yoga, introduction to class etiquette

Going to a new class can be intimidating, especially when it seems like everyone else knows what they are doing, the teacher uses Sanskrit to call out the poses and there are props to help but you don’t know how to use them. This one on one session is to help prepare you for taking the plunge into the bigger studios.

• Grasp the basics of yoga (3-6 sessions recommended)
• Gain the confidence to practice in a group setting
• Learn how to modify for your body type and injuries
• One on one attention in a private space
• Basic anatomy terminology

75 min $60 (can be shared by up to 4 people)
Package discount $300 for 6 classes

Yoga for strength, alignment and flexibility

During this session the teacher will guide you in poses that work to build the muscles in a balanced and effective manner with focus on joint alignment and stability, increased range of motion and flexibility.

• Increase flexibility and range of motion
• Great addition to training for a special event such as a marathon
• Improves bone density and muscle mass
• Stabilize the joints
• Improve resting metabolic rate

75 min. class $60 (can be shared by 1-4 people)
Package discount $300 for 6 classes

Individualized private yoga session

Customized session to meet your needs, whether deepening your own practice, learning new poses, learning prop use and modifications, or identifying sequences for relief of pain, enhancing your performance or relaxation.

• Tailor your practice to enhance your performance in athletics
• Create a home sequences to help you counteract the effects your job has on your posture
• Learn to modify your yoga practice while in recovery from injury or surgery
• Tailoring a sequence to help you move toward more challenging poses

75 min. class $60 (can be shared by 1-4 people)
Package discount $300 for 6 classes

Yoga for anxiety, depression, concentration, stress relief and just having the blues

This class will focus on restoring, and energizing the body through supported poses, breath work, meditation, journaling, chakra work and chanting.

• Improve sleep
• Moves us from sympathetic nervous system to parasympathetic (from fight or flight to relaxation response) reducing the negative effects of stress
• Tool for managing anxiety and depression
• Improves your psychological well-being
• Improves memory and concentration

6-week session once a week 75 minute classes
$300 package discount


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