Tarot Card Readers


Samantha Goldberg Blackthorn (she her)

Samantha is a Jewish woman born in Wales who is a life long learner, seeker, world traveler, mystic, musician, mother of two magical daughters,  and has a deep love for the tarot.  Samantha studies folklore, symbolism, sacred texts, herbalism, music and esoteric arts.  She began her study of tarot traveling around the country in a school bus at the age of 16 with an appalachian mystic.  In 2005 she began studying tarot with a psychic medium and tarotlolgist in Mexico who shed a whole new light on how to interpret the tarot cards. Samantha began doing readings for others in 1991 while studying botany and anatomy in University. She is a good listener and is able to help you to explore choices in career, love, parenting, community, and guide you on your highest path.  Samantha along with her husband Mr. Blackthorn is the coauthor of the book that accompanies "The Journey to the Tower Tarot" art by Michael Garlington and Natalia Bertotti. Samantha has written curriculum for tarot courses including the one that is taught at Ace of Cups Wellness.  Ms. Blackthorn accepts new clients,  apprentices and has a mentorship program.

Bring Mr. and Mrs. X Blackthorn Husband and wife mystical musical duo to your next event!

Dylan and Samantha have been traveling the world together for 2 decades. Traveling together with two daughters, working as musicians and performance artists for circus and vaudeville shows taught this couple a lot about life, and they love to share the secrets and skills they have learned along the way.  This couple offers private tarot readings and performances at your event and onsite or remote sessions for insight to your professional, magical, creative and personal life.

Together they wrote the book that accompanies "The Journey to the Tower"  Deck by Michael Garlington and Natalia Bertotti. For more information on booking the give us a call or email.


Dylan M-G Blackthorn

Dylan M-G Blackthorn is a mystic, poet, and performance artist whose independent occult studies and studies of Judaism have led him to a professional career in cartomancy and divination with Ace of Cups. Mr. Blackthorn is a talented tarot card reader and brings with him his wisdom from extensive experiences traveling with medicine shows, circuses and sideshows. Dylan is a creative problem solver and has intuitive magic to help you look at your situation. With a loving heart and a progressive mindset, he welcomes all to the table.  “The cards do not a tell of the future, they reveal the present.” Mr. Blackthorn also is the creator of the oracular mystifier and creates custom magic tools for ritual.


Kyjah was born into an ancestry of mystics. Kyjah has mystics on both her Jewish and Cuban sides of her family. She herself is a talented and intuitive mystic who feels called to work with the magical realm. Growing up part time in Mexico her first tarot teacher instilled in her a deep connection with the tarot at a very young age. Because of this she has been looking through the lens of the tarot her entire life. Kyjah grew up traveling the world with her mom who played in bands, carnivals, freakshows, set up museum of oddities, taught workshops and was homeschooled.  She focused her studies on  literature, botany, magic, psychology, acting, improvisation and dance. She did not have to find magic, it was infused in her life from the womb. Plants and nutrition were taught to her as medicine When she was sick, herbalists and cuaranderas were called to help heal her. All this taught her ways of connecting to her divine self and enables her to channel messages. Today she is focusing on studying herbs, reading tarot and teaching mystic arts. She is currently teaching glamour magic and tea blending. In her free time Kyjah can be found gardening, enjoying Austin and cooking with her wife Katie.


La Femme Mystica

Victoria, aka La Femme Mistica, is a practicing witch and mystic and is available for limpias and apprentice tarot readings. Victoria comes from a long tradition of Mexican folk healers and strong female ancestors; it was through her abuela and ancestors that she learned the art of limpias and other Mexican folk magic. Victoria is a tarotologist who has been through the Ace of Cups Tarot Program. In her free time, you can find Victoria tending to her witch’s garden, practicing folk magic, finding ways to incorporate folk magic into modern witchcraft, and spending time with her dogs, Galina Blue and Oswald “Ozzy” Cobblepot.




Page of Cups apprentice Readers

These are our fabulous apprentices that are ready to become professional readers. They need your help to complete the process by giving readings. We offer discount readings with these competent and well trained by Ace of Cups Tarot program. Currently Victoria "La Femme Mystique" is available for our apprentice readings.

$40 for 30 min readings

$75 for 60 min readings



Bring readers to your event


Make your event even more magical with our onsite readers.

Tarot readers help create a mysterious and mystical atmosphere at events and provide personalized entertainment for the guests. Reach out for questions or to book us to make your event magical and memorable.

$150/ hour (2 hour minimum) per reader. $20 Travel fee and $1 a mile after 10 miles traveled from Ace of Cups.

Study the Tarot with Ace of Cups

We offer a comprehensive tarot certificate program designed to help the students learn to read the cards rather than memorizing each one. The program is made up of 4 modules and totals 36 hours. Each module can be taken independently or as a package. Major arcana, Minor arcana, Court card, and Synthesis. See classes and workshop page for details. Also available one on one classes and mentoring with Samantha and/or Dylan.

The students of our tarot program do monthly donation readings, sign up on our email list for notifications on when this is happening