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Samantha Saladino

Samantha is a life long learner, seeker, world traveler, mystic, mother of two magical daughters, musician and has a deep love for the tarot. She began her study of tarot traveling around the country in a school bus with a mystic who taught her about the moon cycles, sacred geometry, numerology and tarot. With a strong background in science Samantha questioned these esoteric arts and delve into studies of quantum physics. Her studies gave her a deeper understanding of how these tools work to help us move deeper into our own subconscious and be able to open and see the best path that lie in front of us. In 2005 she began studying tarot with an oracle and magical woman in Mexico who shed a whole new light on how to interact with the cards. She began doing readings for others in 1991 and has continued her studies of life, mysticism and tarot. As a Jewish woman who comes from Wales originally she incorporates Welsh folktales and the esoteric teachings of kabbalah into her readings. She is a good listener and is able to help you to explore choices in career, love, parenting, community, and guide you on your highest path.

Sarah Emily

As a current student of the Ace of Cups Mystical Academy and Tarot Program, Sarah is devoted to expanding her understanding of The Fool's Journey. Her own journey began in 2012 when she was gifted a tarot reading that highlighted encouraging potential for personal growth. This was a catalyst for her to shift her life into the most ideal expression possible, as it offered the ability to see choices she wouldn't have considered otherwise. She believes we are all full of infinite creative potential, that occasionally we just need a structural nudge to fully tap into it. She calls upon a rich index of symbolism to see the cards from all angles and invites you to expand your vision as well. Sarah considers tarot to be one of our greatest allies when life challenges us to dig deep for acceptance, peace and understanding. Sarah is grateful to share her sensitivity and emotional literacy with you, to support you while holding space to honor all aspects of yourself and life around you through imaginative tarot readings. 


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