Samantha Saladino

Samantha is a life long learner, seeker, world traveler, mystic, mother of two magical daughters, musician and has a deep love for the tarot. She began her study of tarot traveling around the country in a school bus with a mystic who taught her about the moon cycles, sacred geometry, numerology and tarot. With a strong background in science Samantha questioned these esoteric arts and delve into studies of quantum physics. Her studies gave her a deeper understanding of how these tools work to help us move deeper into our own subconscious and be able to open and see the best path that lie in front of us. In 2005 she began studying tarot with an oracle and magical woman in Mexico who shed a whole new light on how to interact with the cards. She began doing readings for others in 1991 and has continued her studies of life, mysticism and tarot. As a Jewish woman who comes from Wales originally she incorporates Welsh folktales and the esoteric teachings of kabbalah into her readings. She is a good listener and is able to help you to explore choices in career, love, parenting, community, and guide you on your highest path.


Crystal Davidson

Mom of two amazing children, Crystal has been working with herbal remedies informally since before her daughter's birth in 1994, and began serious study of herbal medicine and holistic healing in 2003, just before her son was born.

She's studied aromatherapy in conjunction with her Herbal practice since 2004 and has studied + enjoyed the fragrant world of botanical perfumery since 2008.

Crystal began the formal study of Environmental Science in 2004 through 2008 at community college and decided to change professional focus from Environmental Science to being out in and working with the natural world on a more active level professionally. This is an effort to bring people and nature together as her contribution to environmental conservation, appreciation, and preservation of the natural world via becoming an advocate for the health of both people as well as the environment.

Attended and apprenticed at WSBM in Austin, 2004-2008 which deepened her experience with plant work and practical application of Herbalism within her family and community. This has given her the opportunity to work within the natural world on a first hand, day to day basis. Crystal strives to bring people's consciousness into the world of plants and nature on a deeper level through botanical formulation, artisan essential oil and hydrosol distillation techniques, experience, education and consultation.

Crystal also co-owns a small organic landscape design sister company to Viriditas Botanicals, based on permaculture and biodynamic landscape design principals. She loves bringing people into the garden and natural world in whatever way possible!

In addition to Viriditas Botanicals retail line of products, Crystal sees clients, offers periodic classes on herbal health and beauty, expert level formulation, artesian hydrosol distillation, healing and wildcrafting, as well as environmental education and organic and sustainable gardening practices.

She has practiced tarot for nearly 30 years and works within a range of systems to discover and further her connection to the mystical divine.


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