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Samantha Saladino

Samantha is a life long learner, seeker, world traveler, mystic, mother of two magical daughters, musician and has a deep love for the tarot. She began her study of tarot traveling around the country in a school bus with a mystic who taught her about the moon cycles, sacred geometry, numerology and tarot. With a strong background in science Samantha questioned these esoteric arts and delve into studies of quantum physics. Her studies gave her a deeper understanding of how these tools work to help us move deeper into our own subconscious and be able to open and see the best path that lie in front of us. In 2005 she began studying tarot with an oracle and magical woman in Mexico who shed a whole new light on how to interact with the cards. She began doing readings for others in 1991 and has continued her studies of life, mysticism and tarot. As a Jewish woman who comes from Wales originally she incorporates a strong sense of folklore, symbolism and the esoteric teachings of kabbalah into her readings. She is a good listener and is able to help you to explore choices in career, love, parenting, community, and guide you on your highest path. Samantha is the coauthor of the book that accompanies "The Journey to the Tower Tarot" art by Michael Garlington
Natalia Bertotti. Samantha teaches tarot classes and accepts apprentices and has a mentorship program.

Mr. and Mrs. X Blackthorn Husband and wife mystical duo!

Dylan and Samantha have been traveling the world together for 2 decades. Traveling together with two daughters, working as musicians and performance artists for circus and vaudeville shows taught this couple a lot about life, and they love to share the secrets and tricks they have learned. They offer private tarot readings and performances at your event and onsite or remote sessions for insight to your professional, magical, creative and personal life. Together they wrote the book that accompanies "The Journey to the Tower"  Deck by Michael Garlington
Natalia Bertotti. To book a reading with the Blackthorn’s email for appointment.


Dylan M-G Blackthorn

Dylan M-G Blackthorn is a mystic, poet, and performance artist whose independent occult studies and studies of Judaism have led him to a professional career in cartomancy and divination with Ace of Cups. Mr. Blackthorn is a talented tarot card reader and brings with him his wisdom from extensive experiences traveling with medicine shows, circuses and sideshows. Dylan is a creative problem solver and has intuitive magic to help you look at your situation. With a loving heart and a progressive mindset, he welcomes all to the table.  “The cards do not a tell of the future, they reveal the present.” Mr. Blackthorn also is the creator of the oracular mystifier and creates custom magic tools for ritual.

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Samantha and Dylan Blackthorn wrote the book to accompany the "Journey to the Tower" tarot deck. Pictured here is the high priestess of the deck. The book is accessible for free online at and the deck is available in the Ace of Cups store.




Andrea the Cajun Queen

Born and raised in New Orleans Andrea works at conjuring shops and has extensive studies into the mystic arts. She if available for remote readings through the Ace of Cups.


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We can send one or more readers to your event. Reach out for questions or to book us to make your event magical and memorable.

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