Sunday Afternoon Tea Topics (Tarot, Ayurveda, Magic, Self care and more) Starts Sept 11th 2022

Join us every Sunday for our fabulous and famous workshop series.

During this time we will host amazing presenters to share with you mystical, magical and practical knowledge.
Below you will see the topics that will be presented each week.

Bring a journal, a cup for tea, friends and family.
To book your spot please call 512-599-4800 or email us at
There are no refunds however if you miss we will apply 50% toward a class in the future.

All Classes will be from 3pm-4:45 pm and are open to all
Kids are welcome and free if under 16 (excluding supply fee)

$23 preregistration
$33 day of
(Some classes have a supply fee indicated by an ** in front of workshop)

Sept 11th Sydney Kudevitz, Jewitch and mystic presents:
Adding magic to everyday life-
Adding magic to your life greatly enhances the quality and time spent on the planet Earth. In this workshop we will learn various ways to incorporate magical practices in a way that feels natural, fun and easy.. Topics include simple rituals, using magical materials found at home, and intention setting for manifestation, protection and inspiration.

**Sept 18th The illustrious magical Lish the Sage Siren presents:
The Autumn Equinox (aka Mabon) – A modern take on harvesting rituals & recipes to bring harmony and balance while giving thanks.
Learn the lore and history around the Autumn Equinox with a trifecta of rituals for reflection, release and gratitude. Lish will guide you through a magical way of looking inward and releasing what doesn’t serve you as well as celebrating the turn of the season.
Things to bring:
– One “fall” item from home to place on the alter for class. Items could be fall decor, unscented burgundy, orange or gold candles, fall flowers, shed antlers, stones, deity statues, etc. Also bring a notebook &/or your grimoire as well as a felt tip pen (like a fine point sharpie). Supplies for the gratitude spell jars created in class for attendees to take home are an additional $10 for materials.

Sept 25th Natalia Macias, movement therapist, yoga teacher and somatic movement coach presents:
Nervous system regulation through yoga and somatic movement
Our bodies hold so much information to help us move through our day and how we shape our lives. In this workshop, we’ll dive into some baseline information on how parts of the nervous system affect our stress response and delve into the anatomy and technical functions. We’ll then explore how certain movement and breathing exercises, inspired by somatic therapy work and yoga, can help us regulate our own bodies when under stress. We’ll then transition into the experiential portion where I’ll guide our group through a movement practice to help us feel more grounded and in our bodies.
Things to Bring: Notebook for journaling process time and/or notes, comfy clothes to move and sit in, water and any snacks needed

Oct 2nd Rebel Yogi Kaytee Hernandez presents:
Living with the seasons, seasonal Ayurveda
Learn how to live in harmony with the cycle of the seasons through the lens of Ayurveda. Topics will include the building blocks of the universe, the doshas, and tips for staying balanced during the autumn. We will also discuss practical ways to incorporate seasonal Ayurvedic practices into your daily routine.

Oct 16th Herbalist and Jewitch Samantha Goldberg Blackthorn presents
Herbal Plantcestor series: Mugwort-Plant medicine, folklore and magic
Learn how to use mugwort as a plant ally in your life from magic to dream and sleep support, medicinal uses, how to grow it dry it and create formulas with it. Will be discussing dream magic, incense, dream satchels, dream oils, digestive bitters and tea blends

**Oct 23rd The Illustrious Lish, the Sage Siren presents:
Preparation for Samhain (Halloween) spiritual deep dive and honoring the ancestors
Lish will guide you through celebrating Samhain thru a witch’s lens. Do you dress up in costume? Do you carve a pumpkin? Learn the origin stories of Halloween, the Witch’s New Year and how to harness this year’s solar eclipse energy leading into Samhain for the most magical moment of the year! All participants are asked to wear black and if you feel inclined, a hat.
In the Class we will also cover:
– Calling in Ancestors
– Recipes for Samhain
– Divination & getting intimate with your shadow self (the Sage Siren’s signature bath ritual)
– Setting Witch’s New Year Intentions
Class will include your choice of grimoire artwork and a bath ritual gift crafted by the Sage Siren herself! Things to bring:
– One framed photo of a loved one who has crossed over to place on the alter for class.
– a notebook &/or your grimoire as well as a pen
– a black chime candle

Oct 31st No class to practice connecting with the ancestors and enjoy the holiday

November 6th Samantha Goldberg Blackthorn, Tarotlogist and Jewitch Presents
Tarot class:The tree of life Spread as defined by the Zohar and Kabbalah
Samantha studies torah and zohar to receive the traditions of Jewish mysticism. As a tarot reader she has created a spread that uses the tree of life structure to read the flow of energy from the divine to the physical. This is an excellent class for those of you who already read tarot or have taken her one on one or intro to tarot private class.

November 13th La Femme Mistica Victoria Rodriquez tarotlogist and bruja presents:
Limpias and folk magic from the Mexican tradition

November 11th Sydney Kudevitz, Jewitch and mystic presents:
Dream satchels

December 4th Dylan Goldberg Blackthorn, Creater of the oracular mystifier,Tarotlogist and Jewitch presents:
How to create and cast Sigils

December 11th Sydney Kudevitz, Jewitch and mystic presents:
Create your own Abundance spell bottles

December 18th Dylan Goldberg Blackthorn, Creater of the oracular mystifier,Tarotlogist and Jewitch presents:
Conversations of Tarot card combinations-The language of tarot
Take a look into different spreads and card combinations. Learn how to communicate from card to card and how the cards express messages when combined with different combinations.