Sunday Afternoon Tea Topics (Tarot, Anatomy, Mystic arts, Self care and more) 3-4:30pm

Join us every Sunday for our fabulous and famous outdoor workshop series.

During this time we will host amazing presenters to share with you mystical, magical and practical knowledge.
Below you will see the topics that will be presented each week.

Bring a journal, a cup for tea, friends and family.
To book your spot please call 512-599-4800 or email us at
There are no refunds however if you miss we will apply 50% toward a class in the future.

All Classes will be from 3-4:30pm Except Nov 20th fire cider class
Kids are welcome and free if under 16 (excluding supply fee)

$30 when you buy a package of 4
$35 day of

(A supply fee is required when indicated by an ** in front of workshop)


This July we have some exciting tea talks coming up!

7/16– Energy Work for Personal Practice with Drea.

Drea is an experienced energy worker and massage therapist.  Learn how to take a little bit of what she does home with you. During this class Drea will teach you how to do some energy work on yourself and loved ones.

-Basic energetic hygiene
-Attuning to your inner landscape
-Practices for Clearing your field of what’s not yours
-Resourcing from the natural elemental forces within and around us

7/23– Limpias with La Femme Mistica.

Join us to learn the basics of the Limpia de huevos (egg cleanse in English). La Femme Mistica has been getting limpias from her grandmother since she was a child. She loves to share the magic and science behind this mexican tradition.

The benefits of this are infinite and include improved sleep, focus, improved memory, clarity, a heightened state of awareness, feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, renewed, lighter, more peaceful, and blissful after a limpia.
This is practice of cleansing the energetic and spiritual body of negative and unwanted energies.
The limpia class goes over different types of limpias and looks at a variety of cleansing techniques are used. The Cuarandera will teach you to use a variety of tools such as stones for energy balancing, a besam for the barrida (sweeping), herbs and of course an egg.  She will show you how the egg can be placed in a glass and “read” by the person who did the limpia to give you insight they sensed during the session.

7/30– Glamour Magick with Kyjah.

Learn how to put a glamour on yourself, enchant your beauty products, and fall in love with the deepest version of you. During this class you will learn to weave magic into your daily practices.



Adding magic to everyday life

The Autumn Equinox (aka Mabon) – A modern take on harvesting rituals & recipes to bring harmony and balance

Living with the seasons, seasonal Ayurveda

Preparation for Samhain (Halloween) spiritual deep dive and honoring the ancestors

Tarot class:The tree of life Spread as defined by the Zohar and Kabbalah

Limpias and folk magic from the Mexican tradition

Herb Magic class- Mugwort How to create and cast Sigils

Yule & The Winter Solstice – Explore both old and new traditions of the holiday season in this Wheel of the Year event.

Storytelling with Tarot

Astrology – Natal Chart Interpretation 101

Ostara & The Spring Equinox

Glamour Magic with Kyjah

Beltane – The sexiest sabbat of the year!

Candle magic –   Dressing candles and working with color for spell casting by La Femme Mistica