The Art of Tarot: Tarot 101 (for beginners and/or prerequisite for our tarot program)-by appointment

This class will help you to gain a strong base knowledge of how the tarot works, the history and modern uses.
There are two options to this class. One is in person with the instructor and tailored to your needs.
The second option is a prerecorded class on our online school platform taught by Samantha Goldberg Blackthorn the lead teacher of our tarot program.
This course will prepare you for the “Ace of Cups Tarot Program”. A four part (33 hour tarot course) to learn to read tarot for yourself and others. 
-Nuts and bolts of the deck
-How the deck is organized
-How to Choose a deck
-How to shuffle
-Important vocabulary of the tarot
-Color, symbols and numerical correspondences 
-How to work with the five elements
-Create a tarot journal.
2 hour in person class
$100  or $70 if you are signing up for the major, minor or court card class at the same time
$25 for the recorded class or $15 if you sign up for the major, minor or court card class (currently being completed)
Call or email to purchase or with any questions
All classes are non-refundable
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