The Tarot Program at Ace of Cups

What is the tarot program at Ace of Cups all about?


The tarot is an effective tool for tapping into our deeper divine selves and illuminating our inner landscape. The tarot gives support for self-reflection, and helps us to live mystical lives. To me living a mystical life means connecting the material to the spiritual and appreciating the magic all around us. Whether we are drinking our morning tea, eating a kiwi fruit or watching the sunset, connecting with friends or watering our garden, we can delve into the great mystery of life, love and what it means to live our desired existence.


Behind the tarot is a loving divine consciousness that is willing to open doors for us and show us roads we have yet to traverse. As we learn to read the cards, they guide us on our path and help us step into our new selves. At Ace of Cups we believe that the tarot should be shared with all who choose to use it and become intimate with it. This is why we have created an eighteen week course to start the seeker on their path or support ones who are already on it. Our classes not only teach tarot but seek to build a community of beings who interact with the world on all sides of the veil.


The Rider Waite Coleman Smith is the deck we use to teach with. Published in 1909 by Rider, Illustrated and imagined by Pamela Coleman Smith and guided by Arthur Waite, the Rider Waite Coleman deck was a first of its kind. It one of the first completed decks that we are aware was absolutely created for divination and to understand the mystic world, specifically the Kabbalah and Zohar. The deck contains 78 cards which I split those into 3 sections. The major arcana, the minor arcana and the court cards. The major arcana are numbered cards 0-21 and consist of archetypal characters. The minor is further divided into 4 suits, much like traditional playing cards. These suits are wands, cups, swords and pentacles. The court cards are made up of pages, knights, queens and kings.


In the tarot there is significance in color, numbers, elements, symbols, astrology, folklore, herblore, Hebrew letters, kabbalah, alchemy, directions, archetypes and more. In our classes we combine all of these to teach in a style that lets you let go of having to look up meanings of the cards in a book. We teach the language of the tarot and how to interpret it.


The first three classes teach the Major, Minor, Court and the last the ethics, spreads, how to of reading. A tarot 101 course that is one on one in person is a required prerequisite if you are new to tarot or just need a refresher. This class helps you to truly interpret the cards and let go of looking up the meanings in books.