Materica Magica (Herbal Magic)

The Magical world of our plantcestors: Properties and Ritual uses

Latin name: Angelica archangelica
Common names: Angelica, Holy Ghost root, wild celery, Norwegian angelica
Family: Apiaceae/Carrot family
Parts used: Root, seeds, and leaves
Element: Sun
Tarot card: Strength

Magical properties: Guardian, healer, ward off evil especially in the home, associated with the archangel Michael. Rumor has it that a Benedictine monk had this herb revealed to him in a dream by the Archangel Michael to be used as medicine and to aid in the plague.

Preparation/spell work: Sprinkle the powder around the house, hang the herb in the entrance of the home fresh or dried, carry the root with you for protection, make a tea and add to floor wash, can be burned as incense or added to spell candles, make a flute out of the hollow stem to use as ritual item in sound magic

Precautions: Not for use in pregnancy, when wild crafting beware, will bring on bleeding if less than a week late, this family has many poisonous plants that look alike, can have emmenagogue effects, can cause photosensitivity

Latin name: Artemisia vulgaris
Common names: Mugwort, dream weed, St. Johns plant
Family: Asteraceae/compositae
Parts used: Leaves roots and flowering tops

Magical Properties: Oneirogen (dream enhancing) Lucid dreaming, dream work, clearing, cleansing and connecting. It is named Artemisia in connection to the goddess Artemis, Greek goddess of the hunt. Use a tincture or tea of this herb to do dream work, especially lucid dreaming. Mugwort helps to create vivid dreams if you are already a dreamer or bring about dreams if you have a scarcity of dreams. It is said that St. John the Baptist wore this in the wilderness for protection and Roman soldiers used it in their shoes to help their feet become less tired and remember their quest. Used to keep away dreams of the dead. Used as a blessing herb before trance work and spiritual quests.
Preparation/spell work: Burn to purify a room before ritual practices, anoint mugwort infused oil before sleeping, meditate with the plant while awake to access dream knowledge, grow in your yard for protection, hang over your doorways for protection, sleep with a spring under your pillow for dream work, make a mugwork dream pillow and amulet.
Precautions: Do not use while pregnant or if you have allergies to the asteraceae family