Step Into the Wondrous World of Tarot

Step into the wondrous world of tarot. Here magic and imagination guide the subconscious to deeper realms of the soul. Tarot is useful for helping us find our purpose and choose the right path to walk down.

The history of the tarot is shrouded in mystery. Scholars, mystics, occultists and historians each tell a different story of its origins.

Tarot is an effective divination tool that helps us to understand ourselves as spiritual beings experiencing life in a physical body.

In my origin story I imagine mystics from various traditions coming together and sharing knowledge, creating a system of numerology and symbols that could be hidden in the cards and kept safe from the looming censorship of the church and state.

Today there are many types of tarot decks created by people from all walks of life, traditions and religions. From the “traditional” decks of Marseille, the occult deck of Pamela Coleman Smith and A.E. Waite to the Alice in wonderland, Halloween and gender bending decks of modern times.

I find the path of life to be filled with marvel and amazement and I recognize the mystical world that lies underneath.
I open my ears and hear plants talk, the river tell a tale and the birds sing folk tales.
I see magic all around me and feel the connection to the cosmos.

I am the collective conscious, all beings, all elements and atoms run through me, my physical and energetic anatomy connect with others and all the world.

I can hear the pulse of the universe and the stories within and tarot helps me to do this.

When I read tarot for others I tap into this energy and use the cards to open communication between the querent, their true self and the universe or god they connect with.

The symbols on the cards awaken our deeper selves, our connection with our ancestors, our past, present and future selves, and give us tools to explore the universe.

Numerology and other mystical forms of mathematics are woven into the tarot and provide a means for us to contemplate the nature of the universe. The endless mathematical equations that are found within the tarot mimic those in our lives.

The combination of the 78 cards, the numerology, symbolism and characters tell an infinite amount of tales that could not be written down in one lifetime. If one attempted this task, the sheer number of volumes would have to be housed in giant libraries.

Within each card there is an infinite possibility of stories, lessons, adventures and life experiences. The deck of cards is truly a choose your own adventure story that is a key to life.