Tarot cards are an incredible tool to reach our deeper selves

Tarot cards are an amazing and curious tool that have been used for  hundreds of years for divination, gaining access to our deeper emotions, recognizing subconscious patterns and habits that may need to be changed so that we may realize our greatest potential. Whether inquiring about relationships, careers, education or messages from our higher selves the cards give us insights that lead to better relationships with ourselves and others. I began my exploration of the tarot in 1990 while traveling with a magical woman across the country in an old station wagon going to rainbow gatherings, magical camps and farms. She taught me to gaze at the moon each night, talk to plants and read the cards daily and begin to recognize patterns in the cards, myself and the universe. Using the cards daily changed my life, I began to feel more connected to the patterns of nature and the world around me. After parting ways with her, I went to Mexico where I studied with and observed an amazing psychic, intuit, and tarot reader in the state of Veracruz for many years. From her I learned to listen, interpret and understand the traditional symbolism behind each card and access my own intuitive nature and be able to share it with others. I began teaching children and teens how to read the cards and doing readings for friends and family. Each time I would open the deck in public people would want me to give them readings. And so I began doing readings and found that I loved it and so did they, I continued to study and do as many readings as I could. At first I believed using the tarot was simply a way of guiding people into their own truth and helping them access their deeper emotions, however, over time one too many coincidences happened  to ignore that there may be something more to the cards, something magical and divine. I began to study more seriously and look into the history, mythology, art and science behind the cards and the traditions that may have informed the early decks, I read books, took classes, and went to study groups. I feel so thankful to have this tool that I want to share it with the world. If you have been curious about getting a reading I encourage you to do so and see what the cards hold for you. The readings can be very helpful to seeing the next step to take on your path, who to have with you and what work to do to be your best self. I offer one on one readings, and one on one classes so that you may begin your own path of reading into your past, present and future. Tarot is a fabulous tool to stay connected to your spiritual path. I charge $60 an hour but do offer sliding scale for those in need. Do not be afraid to inquire. Hope to see you soon if it is “in the cards”. Many blessings.